Riviera Tutors

About Us

Who we are

We are specialists in residential tuition. We offer general tuition, exam preparation and guidance for school and university entrance.

Our international network of tutors, consultants and personal and institutional educational contacts is unparalleled. This allows us to provide an educational service more bespoke and more elite than anywhere else in the world.


Our vision

We provide a comprehensive, meticulously tailored educational experience.

Our primary focus is the quality of our tutors and consultants.  Our tutors are generally graduates from Oxford and Cambridge, where the one-on-one tutorial is still the principal teaching method. Oxbridge students have to talk and think at the level of the world-class scholar sitting opposite them, because there’s no one else to talk to. This is experience we want to pass on to our students.

Everyone who works for Riviera Tutors is polite, engaged and operating at the top of their field, so every aspect of your professional relationship with us will be uncomplicated and agreeable. We provide a focused and attentive educational service — recognising the barriers to each student’s success, and removing them.

We know that each student’s situation is unique, so we tailor each programme to their individual needs; there are no preconceptions. Our clients’ testimonials speak of ‘cherishing’ our ‘special attention and care’.